We know that planning a wedding can be a stressful affair. If you’ve decided to host your special day in a Tipi (good choice!) we have compiled a list of our top five considerations you should take into account.

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1. Venue – This is a hugely important one, and with every one of our events we do a site visit to ensure that it is suitable for Tipis. Things to consider would be access, noise curfew, parking and of course size. We work closely with a number of approved local venues who we can recommend to you if you’re still looking for that perfect setting.

2. How many Tipis? – This depends on how many people you’re planning on hosting, and how many of them will be sitting down to eat. As a general rule of thumb one Tipi will seat up to 72 people, two will hold up to 120 people, three will seat in excess of 120 people with ample room for a dance floor, stage and chill out area. For a larger event four or more Tipis would be suitable, in theory you can join as many as you like! The way in which we link the Tipis creates extra room beneath the joins, and using three or more Tipis we can offer a choice of Tipi configurations.

3. Bar – Whether you organise this yourself or use someone else it’s important that the drinks don’t run out! If you’re looking for a bar supplier we have both a 4m indoor up-cycled pallet wood bar as well as a horsebox bar that can be linked to the Tipis, both of which we can provide fully stocked with your preferred drinks and two bar staff. Head over to Peggy’s Horsebox Bar for further pricing options.

4. Decoration – We think our Tipis look incredible without any extra decoration, and the combination of fairy lights and LED spotlights creates a magical atmosphere in the evening. This is totally up to you of course, some people choose a minimalist approach to decoration, with a few pieces hanging from the structure to match the table decor. We normally try and give you at least one day before your wedding to dress the Tipi. If you’re looking for someone who can get creative with the table dressing and theming we can recommend Beth from Pots in Bloom who we work closely with.

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5. Entertainment – Whether you’re going for an 8 piece band or a DJ we’ll be able to accommodate them on our modular stage, creating a perfect platform for them. You don’t need us to tell you that there is a huge amount of event entertainment on offer from Josephs Amazing Camels who we met at a local trade show to a roaming magician, you can have it all! If you’d like us to recommend you one of our preferred suppliers please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it helps in the planning of your special day! Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have any further queries.