To give you an insight into Country Tipis, after the hectic summer season we asked one of our crew members Nathaniel a few questions to find out about his time with Country Tipis so far, as well as forcing a camera in his face, thanks for being so willing Nathaniel!

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How did you hear about Country Tipis & how did you get the job?

I first heard about the job and Country Tipis through the magic of Gumtree.  The advert caught my eye and I was like “yeah, that sounds awesome, I’ll give it a go!” Two weeks later I was hefting tree trunk sized poles around Vanstone Park.

How long have you worked for Country Tipis?

I’ve worked for Country Tipis for one season now, so I started in May 2016.

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Can you describe a typical day at Country Tipis?

A typical day would start off at the crack of dawn, sometimes before the sun has even risen. Heading to Vanstone Park to pick up the trailers and then setting off to the venue. Once there, we’d measure out the space where the Tipis will go and then over the course of a day or two we would erect the Tipis and deck them out with all the trimmings. Then, we’d head back ready for good rest before doing it all again the next day!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Country Tipis?

I think my favorite thing about working for the CT is probably getting buff over the course of a season. Ha! Nah, probably the sense of achievement after putting up 4 Tipis and creating an incredible space!

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What’s your m​ain achievement since starting work at Country Tipis?

I think my main achievement was probably putting up 4 Tipis, it’s damn hard work! Either that or having finished painting the containers where we store our gear!

What makes Country Tipis stand out from other tipi hire companies?

The main thing that makes CT stand out is the care and attention that’s given to every build. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s 1 Tipi with fairy lights or a huge 6 Tipi build with all the bells and whistles, every one is done to an incredibly high standard. The beer in the Peggy’s bar is pretty good too!

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If you like the sound of the job, we’re on the lookout for full time crew members for the upcoming season starting in March, please email for more information.