We are passionate about making your special day one to remember, and we’re offering you an exclusive sneak-peak inside a few of our 2016 wedding set-ups to give you a bit of inspiration. We are of the belief that our tipis are beautiful naked with simple, tasteful table decoration as the structures are fascinating on their own (though we may be biased!) As standard we wrap fairy lights around every other leg, which create a beautiful glow inside the tipis once the sun sets and the party really starts.

Alex & Mark in Henley on Thames – June 2016 – Photo by Photos by Pennie

© Photos by Pennie

We often get asked if it is possible to hang objects from the inside of the structure, which is absolutely fine as long as you do not screw/hammer anything into the wood or damage it in any way. We can also offer you the option to hang something from the crown of the tipi, like an old cartwheel decorated with flowers (below), or one of our chandeliers. If you have an object that is special to you this can also be hung above the tables, let your imagination run wild!

Lucy & Adam at Woodland Weddings – September 2016 – Photo by Elton Mogg

© Elton Mogg

As for table decoration, we absolutely love simplicity and seasonal flowers always create a beautiful centrepiece, but at the same time you can also go for something completely different to really showcase your personality. We work closely with the fantastic Beth from Pots in Bloom who is based in Hitchin and can offer creative and seasonal table decoration. Check out the autumnal spread she put together for our open day last year below, full of conkers and foraged greenery! We also love to see vintage mistmatched crockery from Classic Crockery which matches the look and feel of our tipis so well.

However you decide to decorate the inside of your tipis, we know you’ll make them look absolutely stunning! They provide such an incredible natural canvas for you personalise with your own touches.

Jo & Dave in Clavering, Essex – July 2016 – Photo by Andy Sidders

© Andy Sidders

Over the past year we’ve been considering the possibility of projecting images of the bride and groom (or anyone else!) onto one of the sides of the tipi, which is something we haven’t tried yet but would love to. Let us know if you’d like to be our guinea pigs!

Country Tipis x