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The boss gets hitched, in Tipis of course!

The perfect day

Our last wedding of 2017 was a big one, the boss married his beautiful lady! After a long period of consideration he decided to go for an epic four Tipi wedding. As you can imagine everything had to be perfect for this one, one above his normally sky high standards.

Tipi Wedding in Hertfordshire with Country Tipis © Ben Moore Wedding Photography

The crew reported that during the build he’d turned into someone who could only accurately be described as “groomzilla”. He went for a 4 tipi layout, with guests entering beneath a row of 3 naked tipis draped in fairy lights.

Floor plan for tipi wedding with Country Tipis

Their floor plan, including a mobile casino and a crepe stand

The entrance was through one of our entrance tunnels, which guided people in through two clear extension panels; a great new product from The Tipi Company. Being an October wedding, it was important to keep it warm inside, and these panels allowed us to retain the panoramic views. Check out a time-lapse of the build below, and watch out for the tea break!

The venue

Richard was lucky enough to know a farmer who was happy to lend him his field in Ampthill. He found a quaint 14th century church nearby, with a vicar who shared his passion for Sunderland AFC. The field was in need of a bit of work so Richard spent many weekends atop a roller to flatten the ground. Thankfully there were a few rogue bullocks in the area who were happy to chase him across the field, which made for amusing viewing.

Tipi Wedding in Hertfordshire with Country Tipis © Ben Moore Wedding Photography

Tipi Wedding in Hertfordshire with Country Tipis © Ben Moore Wedding Photography

Inside the Tipi

The catering was run by the incredibly affable Chris at Hungry Hog BBQ, who created beautiful canapés, organised a fantastic Savoie inspired main course and BBQ’d burgers in the evening. The bar was provided by our very own Peggy’s Bar with drinks being served both out of the horsebox and 4m rustic wooden bar.

Tipi Wedding in Hertfordshire with Country Tipis © Ben Moore Wedding Photography

The tables and flower rings were lovingly decorated by Anne from Betty and Bear Flowers, who sourced an incredible selection of seasonal foliage to create some beautifully varied bouquets.

Tipi Wedding in Hertfordshire with Country Tipis © Ben Moore Wedding Photography


It was imperative that no one got bored so Richard booked a brilliant four piece wandering band who kept everyone entertained throughout the meal.

Tipi Wedding in Hertfordshire with Country Tipis © Ben Moore Wedding Photography

The evening music was provided by the amazing Daisy B & Al Jones who kept the music flowing until the early hours. Richard booked a roulette and two blackjack tables from Andy Smith Presents to satisfy the guests (or his) love of gambling.

Tipi Wedding in Hertfordshire with Country Tipis © Ben Moore Wedding Photography

To satisfy Vicki’s love for horses, Richard surprised her by booking a vintage (and very physical) horse racing game. This entertaining addition resulted in a few out-of-breath and thirsty guests!

Tipi Wedding in Hertfordshire with Country Tipis © Ben Moore Wedding Photography

To cater for his sweet tooth Richard ordered some brownies from the legendary Pudding Stop in St Albans. He also invited the talented Little Brittany Crêperie, who served up wonderful crêpes in the evening.

It really was a day to remember. Huge thanks to everyone who came along or was involved in any way for making it so special.

Tipi Wedding in Hertfordshire with Country Tipis © Ben Moore Wedding Photography

After conquering his own wedding, Richard and the team are at your service and always on hand to help out. Please get in touch here or call us for a chat on 07486 542374.

Photos by Ben Moore Wedding Photography.

Tipis by Country Tipis.

The Bohemian Shoot – Behind the Scenes

As the wedding season approaches at speed we are gearing up for another summer of tipi weddings, parties and festivals. Just a quick mention of the three open days we have coming up:

10th & 11th of March at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living (SG6 3NA).

28th & 29th of April at Tip Top Venues, Newton Longville (MK17 0BU).

If you prefer something a bit more traditional we’ll soon be taking delivery of a beautiful 24m x 12m vintage pole marquee which we’ll be launching on the 20th of May at Lodge Farm House, Kings Walden, Hertfordshire (SG4 8LL).

The shoot

For a while we’ve been wanting to post the “behind the scenes” shots from our burgundy bohemian styled shoot that happened in the rolling Hertfordshire hills late last summer, so here they are!

The shoot was organised by Caroline from Caroline Opacic Photography and in between the photos are a few words from her about her inspiration and what feeling she was trying to evoke through the shoot.

“This shoot was designed to be inspiration for a vampy, bohemian tipi wedding. I love outdoor, festival style weddings, and wanted to play with merging boho and deep wedding hues. Normally I go for pastels, so using burgundy and navy as the primary colours, was new for me, but I totally fell in love after this shoot.”

“The venue was a gorgeous tipi by Country Tipis, styled by Vintage Garden Weddings. We opted for lots of macrame, navy and red dream catchers, vintage glassware and mossy centrepieces for an alternative banquet set up. We also set up an incredible outdoor ceremony area with a macrame arch, and decorated with flowers from The Urban Flower Farmer. Possibly my favourite setup was our Moroccan snug area, underneath one of Country Tipis’ smaller tents. We finished the day with a fire pit set up, complete with marshmallow roasting and snuggly blankets provided by Brolly Bucket.”

©Caroline Opacic Photography

The bride

“Our bride Eva was wearing Lucy Can’t Dance’s ‘London Calling’ dress which I had wanted to feature in a shoot for a long time. I love the tassels on the sleeves – they really matched the festival feel and perfect for an autumnal wedding. To go with the dress, we opted for some great wedges from Emmy London and an eye catching Victorian inspired ruby ring from London Victorian Ring Co.”

Hair & makeup

“To create the feel of a carefree bride, Cassandra Rizzuto created very loose boho hair, combined with a fresh floral crown. Our make up artist, Kayleigh Keen, added the final touches and created a gorgeous vampy look, perfectly matching with the dark florals.”

Concept, Planning & Coordination: Caroline Opacic Photography
Photography: Caroline Opacic PhotographyCountry Tipis
Venue: Country Tipis
Styling & Hire: Vintage Garden Weddings
Cake & Sweet Treats: The Dandelion Bakery
Flowers & Crown: Urban Flower Farmer
Dress: Lucy Can’t Dance 
Shoes: Emmy London
Ring: London Victorian Ring Co
Stationery Suite: Wonderland Invites
Hair: Cassandra Rizzuto 
Make up: Kayleigh K MUA
Umbrella & Blanket Hire: Brolly Bucket
Confetti: Shropshire Petals
A huge thank you to the Models – Eva & Boz

We’re always on the lookout for suppliers to collaborate with on shoots so if you’d like to discuss working together please fire us an email to

Tipi evolution and development through the eyes of Jamie

Well, where do I start with my time at Country Tipis, I know exactly where I’ll start, with myself.

Pouring drinks behind Peggy’s Bar at one of our events

I began my journey to become a tipi erection specialist in early summer 2017 and if I’m honest I don’t know what they would have done without me… only joking! On a serious note, when I first joined I was so impressed with the rate at which Richard and Ceri have built the business to where it is today. Anyway, enough about them back to me.

My studies

Before beginning my Tipi adventure, I completed an engineering degree at Oxford Brookes University. Country Tipis offered me the perfect job during the summer months until I started my adventure in the city by the sea of Plymouth. I have recently moved down there to study towards a masters in Coastal Engineering. You never know I may be writing my dissertation on the feasibility of a water born Tipi! I am a budding surfer (hence the move to the glorious south west) and just a few weeks after leaving Country Tipis I was reunited with the beautiful structures on the beach at a surf event.

Enjoying some airtime next to Smeaton’s Tower in Plymouth recently: I’m studying hard I promise!

Through the ages

Throughout summer I have been curious as to the origins and practical engineering element of a tipi structure. The origin of Tipis (or Teepees) lie with the Native American tribes whose main aim for survival was to follow the buffalo herds across the American plains. The tipi was the perfect structure for the nomadic lifestyle, as setting up and disassembling was frequent and required minimal effort but maximum effectiveness. This is completely relatable to when we were trekking all around, setting up and taking down these amazing structures!

An interesting fact I stumbled across was that the women of the tribes were the sole assemblers, organisers and decorators of the tipis. Men were required to receive permission from the women to be able to carry out any decoration…not too dissimilar to many conversations over heard during many set-ups… I shall say no more! The tipis were often arranged in a circular pattern to create a secure living environment. We too can arrange as many tipis as required in a variety of formations to fit the space and type of event.

Working from an overlaid schematic

Tipi design

The design of the tipi is well suited to cope in all weather conditions. Similar to our modern day equivalent, the native Americans too had smoke flaps which kept the wind and rain out. It is well insulated to protect inhabitants from the cold and frost during winter months. The uninterrupted surface around the entire structure prevents the wind catching and blowing it over. The smoke flaps also allow for air flow, creating a cool environment during hot days.

Linking Tipis

Our tipis, designed and manufactured by the UK based The Tipi Company are simple but very effective. One of the key elements to a Tipi is the use of straps when joining more than one, to maintain tension on the canvas and keep it taught and safe. Visually, the tension creates a smoothness to the tipi canvas and it became a challenge for every event to be able to create the cleanest, tightest and most satisfying join. From an engineering aspect, when the wind applies a force to the canvas, the majority of the load is transferred through and around the canvas and because the canvas is made of a partially elastic material it absorbs the energy from the wind in the stretching of the material (I hope I’m not boring you too much!).

Our Tipis are often likened to a Tardis: from the outside, the scale and height of these structures is amazing but the most underestimated part of the tipi is the open plan space that is created inside. Tipis are so adaptable, many times we would arrive at a site and really question whether the tipi is going to fit/work but we always pulled it off. I felt like everyone had a particular skill that we would perfect every time, one of mine were fitting blanking panels to tidy up the joins, shout out to my blanking panel buddy Jason, who taught me everything I know ????.


During one return journey from a job, I was boring Ceri with the idea of possible improvements to the design of the tipis. One idea was to use a lightweight alternative material legs such as a carbon fibre composite with a wood laminate to still give the natural feel.  The Tipi Company, if you’re reading this and decide to follow this up, copyrights are here. Another really cool idea I had was to create a mezzanine level, I think it would really make the most of the height of the Tipi just make an event even more exciting, it would also be a great storage place for those who just don’t want to go home!

It was a fantastic summer working for Country Tipis, I explored parts of my own county I never knew existed. Richard, Ceri and all the team are inspiring and I wish them all the best for the future. Peace out from Plymouth!

From horse transporter to alcohol transporter: the story of Peggy’s bar

Back in January we published a post about Peggy’s Bar: our new offering for 2017. Now we’re going to revisit the conversion process and update you on how she’s getting on after her first summer season.

The conversion

Peggy’s bar started life as a humble Rice horse trailer and came painted a glossy green as you can see below with a very proud Richard at the workshop. We decided that a converted horsebox bar would be the perfect companion to our tipis, as it fits well with the outdoor alternative wedding venue we create. Before starting work on her we took her to our good friends at GT Towing in Hatfield to make sure that she was safe to transport our valuable drinks. We then set to cut out a serving hatch, which proved to be quite a nerve-wracking task but it all went well as you can tell from Richard’s face below!

It took us a few weeks to replace the rusty bolts, give her a new paint job, and wire in 13A electrics. We then built a bespoke back bar with shelving and a wooden bar top with a hinged hatch cover. After installing a fridge, she was ready for her first job, check her out before her first outing below:

We were excited to take her out on an event, so we launched her at our autumn open day almost a year ago. Peggy was initially very protective of her new bar as you can see below, but she’s learned to chill out a bit now!

Bar, Alcohol, Mobile, Party

Wedding hydration

As 2017 came around we took the bar out on many new adventures around Hertfordshire (and sometimes further afield), and had so much fun behind the bar and seeing how much fun people have in our tipis! We are constantly reviewing our bar menu, in order to be able to offer you high quality drinks at affordable prices. We stock a wide selection including top notch ale from Tring Brewery, fine wine from Yellow Tail as well as a selection of our other favourite drinks. We now have the capability to attach the horsebox to our tipis to create a sealed, all-weather bar solution.


Tipi men Ceri & Jamie decided half way through the summer that Peggy’s bar was in need of some branding, so they set to work on creating and installing some custom decals, Peggy was very impressed, what do you think?

As well as Peggy’s converted horsebox bar we offer our 4m rustic pallet wood bar which can be used inside our tipis or outside underneath our Nimbus mini tipi. Email for more information and a copy of our current drinks list.


Country Tipis & Peggy’s Bar x

Meet Charlie: Tipi flooring extraordinaire

On the first day of meteorological Autumn, as the diary starts to change down through the gears, we offer you an insight into Country Tipis through the mind of Charlie: Tipi flooring extraordinaire. As you can see from the photos he is a natural in front of the lens, enjoy!


If you were stranded on a desert island what three items would you bring with you?

The sensible side of me would bring a boat, some water and a Freddo. In reality, I would first take my samurai sword. I do not know what else is on this island and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It would also come in helpful when constructing a tree house or shelter to live in. My second item would be some factor 10 suncream. Although a low factor, I can withstand the sun quite well. You wouldn’t want to burn on one of your first few days there because it just ruins the rest of the trip. Hopefully by the time I got through the whole bottle I’d have adapted slightly to the sun. My last item would be a copy of Country Tipi’s pamphlet for when I’m feeling lonely and want to see some Tipis (they paid me to say that).

Teepee flooring

How long have you worked for Country Tipis?

I’ve worked for country Tipis for 2 summers now. I was lucky enough to join very early on in Country Tipis existence when no-one really knew what was going on. It has been amazing to see how far the company has come and how the construction process has changed. The time taken to take a Tipi up and down has halved in the last 2 years and even now we are learning new tricks.

Tepee flooring for a wedding

Walk me through a typical day at work. 

If I’m going to run you through a typical day I must run you through the night before first. If I know I’m working the next day I always make my lunch for the following day just before I go to bed, which is usually at a sensible time so I’m full of energy and ready to seize the day the following morning. Most days require a pretty early start. Therefore a few alarms and a few snoozes are necessary. When I finally get out of bed I head downstairs and grab myself a nice of cup of Joe and maybe a slice of toast if I’ve left myself enough time. Then when I see the 15 minute mark approach I dig out my aforementioned lunch, slip into my steal toe capped boots, and rush to work because I’ve left it a bit late. Once we’ve loaded the trailers for either a set up or take down we hit the road. This could be driving just down the road or the other side of the M25. We usually aim to be at the venue by about 8am. We then get to work which can be tough as Rich is a merciless boss who is happy with nothing but perfection. Most of the build is complete by lunchtime, and the period after lunch is always a bit lethargic for me, but we smash it out, put the finishing touches on the tipis and head back to Vanstone Park to unload the trailers. Then Rich tells us thats it’s going to be another early start, Jason grumbles, we all say Ciao for now and head off home.

What aspect of the Tipi build do you specialise in?

Without coming across too arrogant, when it comes to laying the carpet I am second to none. I was born with great hands and for the first 20 years of my life I was endlessly wondering why on earth I had been blessed with these beautiful paws. Then I joined Country Tipis and it became very clear, very quickly that I was destined for the carpet life. There are few things in this world that excite me more than nailing down a tight bit of carpet. There are 3 key processes to laying carpet, and I have perfected them all. Hammering is crucial. You need not be hugely strong to sink a nail as it is more an art of precision. Then there is the gentle velcro-ing of the carpet to the carpet strips which requires steady hands and a keen eye for detail. Finally, (and my favourite) is the chuckie shuffle as I like to call it. This involves shuffling your way down the carpet to remove any rucked bits of carpet and nailing it down tight. Only once you have mastered these techniques can you lay a tight carpet, and ultimately find inner peace.

Yes, these actually are Charlie’s hands!

What do you do with yourself when you’re not erecting Tipis?

This summer, when I haven’t been working, I have been jet setting off on holiday and spending every penny that I’ve earned. Other than holidays I occasionally play cricket. Depressingly I can’t think of anything else I do in my free time.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Country Tipis?

This one time, Rich bought us all Mcflurries. That was the happiest I’ve been in a long time. On a serious note, I enjoy being out and about with an okay bunch of guys and throwing trees & canvas around. It’s a rewarding job: seeing the happy faces of nearly and newly married people definitely makes the long hours and hard work worthwhile.

Tipi wedding in Hertfordshire

If a kid walked up to you asking for your advice on Tipi building and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

Firstly I would tell the kid he’s not old enough to put up a Tipi because it’s dangerous work. Once I’d wrapped him/her up in bubble wrap I would give them my advice. It would be to work on communication and teamwork. You need a minimum of 3 people to put up or take down a Tipi, and for it all to go smoothly every one needs to know what they are doing, as well as what everyone else is doing. With such heavy equipment flying about you have to be careful and constantly aware.


What makes Country Tipis stand out from the rest?

If I’m brutally honest, I don’t know. All I know is that, despite everything I may have said, we are a very hard working group. Especially Rich, who’s only days off this summer were spent on his own stag do, where he was working hard to not lose his dignity completely. I have it on good authority that he failed. We, however, will never fail to do a top notch job of making your dreams come true.

Tipi flooring flowers

The Country Tipis wedding checklist

So, you’ve booked your venue and your Tipis, paid your deposit, chosen your Best Man, bridesmaids and grooms men and now comes the organising! We are here to help you out with any of the details below, just let us know if you need any suggestions.

12 months before your wedding

  • Start looking for your dream dress.
  • Have you thought about Save the Date cards, especially if you are getting married at a busy time, namely Bank Holidays and early September when every one is back from Summer holidays?
  • Research and narrow down your wedding suppliers such as: florists, photographers, invitations, cake, decor, music hair and make up.
  • Think about possibly insuring your day – you can never be too careful!
  • Research glorious places for your honeymoon (rubbish job).

© Jason Mark Harris

8/10 months before

  • Order your dress.
  • Shop for the groom’s suit.
  • Have you booked your photographer, florist and DJ/band?
  • Have you thought about accommodation for family and friends who are travelling from out of town?
  • Order your wedding cake.
  • Check passports to make sure they’re in date.
  • Who’s arranging your Stag and Hen parties? Are they on it? They better be and it better be good.
  • Book transport to the ceremony.
  • Do you need music for during the ceremony?
  • Start thinking of your guest list. Are you going to have a A and B list? Are you going to invite that cousin that you’ve met once…?!

© ELS Photography

 4/6 months before

  • Choose bridesmaids dresses.
  • Choose and order invitations.
  • Book honeymoon!
  • Do you need vaccinations?
  • Buy wedding shoes, accessories and underwear (that goes for the Grooms too!)
  • Organise the legalities – give at least 3 months notice to registrar, priest, vicar or celebrant.
  • Choose your favourite Hymns, prayers and readings.
  • Lay out your order of service and order the booklet.
  • Slim down your guest list if needs be. Be ruthless.

2/3 months before

  • Send out the invitations
  • Order wedding rings.
  • Rent the groomsmen’s suits.
  • Attend dress fittings.
  • Have a meeting with your florist and decide on the colours and style you would like. Romantic roses or wild and wonderful?
  • Organise gifts for your family, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Book hairdresser and makeup.
  • Order or get making your wedding favours. Some people keep this super simple or go along the route of personalised miniature bottles of Limoncello! You choose.
  • Start thinking about your seating plan. Who, under no circumstances, should sit together, are you going to have a naughty table etc…

© Karen Massey

4 weeks before

  • Have final wedding dress fitting!
  • Check in with all your suppliers, any final tweaks needed?
  • Finalise details and proof read your order of service.
  • Look at your RSVP list and call all the irritating guests who haven’t replied!

1 week before

  • Check in with the caterers and give them a final head count and inform them of any dietary requirements.
  • Nail your table plan and then walk away from it. Not everyone will be satisfied but it’s your day!
  • Give the venue a heads up on when Country Tipis will be arriving to build your Tipis, plus other suppliers like furniture hire, florists etc.. including phone numbers for them in case you are not there.
  • Pack your overnight bag for your wedding night.
  • Pack for your honeymoon.
  • Order currency for the honeymoon.
  • Do all your bits and pieces like nails, waxing and general making pretty (that goes for the groom too!)

2-3 days before

  • Go back to your table plan and take off the 4 people who have cancelled and the 3 that can now come!
  • Groom: get your boys to pick up their suits and make sure everything fits. Confirm times with the wedding car companies.
  • Start taking very deep breaths!


1 day before

  • Go to your venue, gasp in awe at the gorgeousness of your Tipis and set about making the tables look amazing with your name places, favours etc. We recommend your florist is there for table decorations before you so as you don’t have to move anything.
  • Make sure your cake is on track and will be delivered on time.
    Have a wedding rehearsal at the ceremony venue to iron out the details.
  • Warn the groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids to behave themselves tonight as it’s a long day tomorrow!
  • Don’t drink too much and get some rest.


Your Wedding Day!

Relax (if you can) and enjoy this amazing day and please tell us all about it after its all over. Good luck!

© Naughty Cat Media

Our favourite local venues

We know how important the venue you choose for your wedding is, after all that’s where you’ll be spending one of the biggest days of your life! This is the first in a series of “case study” blog posts that are going to give you an insight into some of our favourite local venues. We are more than happy to help you find the perfect venue, and in this post we will be focusing on Lodge Farm House in Kings Walden, Hertfordshire.

Having worked closely with Maria from Lodge Farm House in Kings Walden for over a year now. We absolutely love putting our Tipis up in the beautiful grounds there. The multi-level garden is not huge but it fits our 3 tipi triangle set-up like a glove, check out the photograph below!

Set within the beautiful rolling Chiltern Hills and only 3 miles away from the historic market town of Hitchin, you’ll struggle to find a better connected rural location. Lodge Farm House offers various packages to suit different budgets, including full use of the B&B during your wedding. There is even a beautiful secluded secret garden for you to hold your ceremony in. We’ve just held one of our first weddings of the season here: the fantastic wedding of Ricky & Jess, check out some shots from the hugely talented D&A photography below:

Lodge Farm House also run their own converted horsebox bar called the Tipsy Pony, which has a wide selection of great drinks. As of two weeks ago we now offer the option to link the bar to our Tipis using a custom joining kit to keep it sealed if required. Get in touch with Maria via email on or 01462 768 229 to arrange a viewing or for further information about the venue. You can also take a look at her website here.

If Lodge Farm House doesn’t take your fancy, why not take a look at some other local venues we work closely with on the map below? There are some absolute crackers in there!

We’re always looking for new venues to work with, so if you’ve found a perfect venue and you’re not sure if our Tipis would work there please get in touch and once of our team will come and do a site visit. If you represent a venue and would like to host weddings and events using our stunning Tipis feel free to get in touch 🙂

Inspiration! Tipi decoration

We are passionate about making your special day one to remember, and we’re offering you an exclusive sneak-peak inside a few of our 2016 wedding set-ups to give you a bit of inspiration. We are of the belief that our tipis are beautiful naked with simple, tasteful table decoration as the structures are fascinating on their own (though we may be biased!) As standard we wrap fairy lights around every other leg, which create a beautiful glow inside the tipis once the sun sets and the party really starts.

Alex & Mark in Henley on Thames – June 2016 – Photo by Photos by Pennie

© Photos by Pennie

We often get asked if it is possible to hang objects from the inside of the structure, which is absolutely fine as long as you do not screw/hammer anything into the wood or damage it in any way. We can also offer you the option to hang something from the crown of the tipi, like an old cartwheel decorated with flowers (below), or one of our chandeliers. If you have an object that is special to you this can also be hung above the tables, let your imagination run wild!

Lucy & Adam at Woodland Weddings – September 2016 – Photo by Elton Mogg

© Elton Mogg

As for table decoration, we absolutely love simplicity and seasonal flowers always create a beautiful centrepiece, but at the same time you can also go for something completely different to really showcase your personality. We work closely with the fantastic Beth from Pots in Bloom who is based in Hitchin and can offer creative and seasonal table decoration. Check out the autumnal spread she put together for our open day last year below, full of conkers and foraged greenery! We also love to see vintage mistmatched crockery from Classic Crockery which matches the look and feel of our tipis so well.

However you decide to decorate the inside of your tipis, we know you’ll make them look absolutely stunning! They provide such an incredible natural canvas for you personalise with your own touches.

Jo & Dave in Clavering, Essex – July 2016 – Photo by Andy Sidders

© Andy Sidders

Over the past year we’ve been considering the possibility of projecting images of the bride and groom (or anyone else!) onto one of the sides of the tipi, which is something we haven’t tried yet but would love to. Let us know if you’d like to be our guinea pigs!

Country Tipis x

Meet Nathaniel, one of our crew!

To give you an insight into Country Tipis, after the hectic summer season we asked one of our crew members Nathaniel a few questions to find out about his time with Country Tipis so far, as well as forcing a camera in his face, thanks for being so willing Nathaniel!

Defender, Land Rover, Crew, Job

How did you hear about Country Tipis & how did you get the job?

I first heard about the job and Country Tipis through the magic of Gumtree.  The advert caught my eye and I was like “yeah, that sounds awesome, I’ll give it a go!” Two weeks later I was hefting tree trunk sized poles around Vanstone Park.

How long have you worked for Country Tipis?

I’ve worked for Country Tipis for one season now, so I started in May 2016.

Table, sanding, work, summer, job

Can you describe a typical day at Country Tipis?

A typical day would start off at the crack of dawn, sometimes before the sun has even risen. Heading to Vanstone Park to pick up the trailers and then setting off to the venue. Once there, we’d measure out the space where the Tipis will go and then over the course of a day or two we would erect the Tipis and deck them out with all the trimmings. Then, we’d head back ready for good rest before doing it all again the next day!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Country Tipis?

I think my favorite thing about working for the CT is probably getting buff over the course of a season. Ha! Nah, probably the sense of achievement after putting up 4 Tipis and creating an incredible space!

Floor, Crew, Country, Tipis, Jobs

What’s your m​ain achievement since starting work at Country Tipis?

I think my main achievement was probably putting up 4 Tipis, it’s damn hard work! Either that or having finished painting the containers where we store our gear!

What makes Country Tipis stand out from other tipi hire companies?

The main thing that makes CT stand out is the care and attention that’s given to every build. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s 1 Tipi with fairy lights or a huge 6 Tipi build with all the bells and whistles, every one is done to an incredibly high standard. The beer in the Peggy’s bar is pretty good too!

Aerial, drone, photo, crew, work

If you like the sound of the job, we’re on the lookout for full time crew members for the upcoming season starting in March, please email for more information.

Peggy’s bar – New for 2017

First of all, we hope you had a great Christmas and New Year, we certainly did! We’ve got a number of new offerings for 2017, and at our Christmas party we launched “Peggy’s Bar” as we felt that we could improve on what was being offered elsewhere. We had the best time running it and the feedback we got was (thankfully) great! Peggy approved of the clientele and behaved herself throughout the night, and she can’t wait for the next event where she’ll get to run the bar. It’s wise to note that Peggy gets very territorial around her bar, so keep your drink close at all times!

Bar, Alcohol, Mobile, PartySo, what’s on offer?

We have a number of different options when it comes to the bar; first of all you have a choice between our fully equipped converted horsebox bar or our 4 metre oak topped bar constructed from up-cycled pallet wood. Our horsebox bar can be linked seamlessly to our tipis, giving you a huge amount of additional space for your guests to form an orderly queue. Once you’ve decided which bar you’d like to go for you can then choose to have it fully stocked by us or with service only – where you provide the alcohol. We’ll provide two experienced members of staff for the duration of your event in both cases to run the bar and ensure your guests never go thirsty.

Linked bar

What alcohol choices do I have?

Beer-wise we use a number of local breweries, and have a great relationship with Tring Brewery who supplied us with some great ale for our Christmas party that seemed to evaporate in minutes! We pride ourselves in the quality of the alcohol we stock and maintain fair pricing throughout our range. If there is a specific drink you would like for your event we’d happily stock it but we ask that you buy the remainder (if there is any!) back from us at cost price after the event.

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We have lovingly created these two bars to use alongside our tipis, and we feel that their style lends itself perfectly to a tipi party. This rustic style can be found throughout our range of extras, from our handmade scaffold board table and bench sets to our vintage French apple crates, sourced from the south of France. Both bars can stand-alone outside the tipis if the weather is fair, or even underneath our small open-sided Nimbus tipi if you’re looking for a bit of cover. Check out Peggy’s very own website here and send us a message if you’d like any further information.

Here’s to a great 2017, we hope see you soon!

Country Tipis x

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