Due to a number of recent enquiries for semi-permanent builds with hard floor we are now happy to be able to offer these services. Installing a hard floor has some massive advantages: it’s hard wearing, durable and raised from the ground. We also have some second hand equipment for sale as we’re renewing some of our older gear. The following photos are from a single ‘Tipi-Classroom’ with a hard floor that we built for a nearby school.

Groundworks for the wooden floor
Creating a level area for the flooring to sit on
Creating the wooden floor
Creating the structure for the decking to sit on
Wooden decking for a Tipi - Permanent Floor
Cutting the decking to size and installing it
Drone shot of Tipi being erected at a school
Erecting the Tipi structure and laying out the canvas
Single Tipi at a school as a classroom forest school

These structures would be perfect for extending venue capacity, as a spacious garden retreat or as a quirky addition to your school or business. We can offer larger setups, solutions for installation on both soft and hard ground along with installation, furniture, lighting and ongoing support.

Wooden decking inside a Tipi - Permanent Floor
A short video we created of the build

Please check out our Tipi Sales page for pricing and feel free to get in touch for further info or to get a quote.