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How many guests can the giant tipis accommodate?

Each giant tipi can comfortably seat up to 70 guests or host up to 100 standing guests. Linking together seamlessly giving you the freedom to create the vibe that suits your celebration.

How many guests can the Celeste Marquee and Aurora Sailcloth accommodate?

Our marquees and sailcloths come in various sizes ensuring a perfect match for weddings and events of all proportions. Share your guest count and the details you enviois, and we'll work our magic to craft the ideal setting for your celebration.

Are the structures suitable for corporate events?

Absolutely! Our structures are the ultimate chameleons, ready to transform and adapt to suit a variety of corporate events. Whether you're planning a conference, a product launch, or team-building activities, we've got the flexibility and style to make your corporate affair shine.

Can I decorate the strucutres for my event?

Yes! It's your show, and we're here to help you steal it. Whether it's a welcome sign, stationary, hanging installations, or any decorations you fancy, our structures are your blank canvas to let your style shine through.

What is the booking process like?

It's super simple. Get in touch to discuss your event dreams with us and we'll provide a detailed quote. A 25% deposit secures your booking, and we'll handle the logistics from there.

Are there restrictions on the locations where the structures can be pitched?

While our structures can be set up in various locations, we recommend a relatively flat surface with good access. If you're not sure if your chosen space is suitable, don't worry we'll conduct an onsite assessment to ensure the suitability.

Can you help recommended venues?

Dive into our venues page to explore a curated list of some of our favorite venues where we work our magic regularly. Alternatively, give us a call to chat through your requirements. We're here to guide you to the perfect venue that suits your vision and style!

How long can I hire a strucutre for?

Hire optons are flexible - whether you're throwing a one-day extravaganza or planning an extended celebration that stretches into the weekend or beyond. Special rates are available for longer rentals.

Is the setup and takedown costs included in the structure prices?

Yes! Our structure prices cover both the setup and takedown costs. While, delivery costs may apply depending on your location, rest assured that these will be clearly outlined on your quote. Transparent pricing, no hidden surprises!

What about the weather?

Our structures are all-weather warriors! They can be heated in colder months and provide shade in warmer months. Made from a waterproof canvas with an event grade matting flooring, they're robust in all weather types.

What happens in case of unforeseen circumstances or weather changes?

Life's full of surprises and we understand that plans may need to adapt. We'll work with you to address unforeseen circumstances and weather changes. Our structures are designed to handle various weather conditions, and we can discuss contingency plans as needed.

Can I see the structures in person?

Absolutely! Join us at our open days held throughout the year, where our structures take center stage alongside some of our favorite suppliers. Keep a lookout on our socials for event updates, or reach out to us directly to schedule a personal tour. We're excited to show you around and dive into the details of your event vision!

Can you help with the extras?

We've got a range of furnishings ready to enhance your event experience. Plus, when you book with us, you'll gain access to our "Little Green Book" filled with trusted suppliers.Consider it your ultimate event cheat code!